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North Central Theological Seminary is a non-denominational accredited Seminary of Higher Learning in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The mission of North Central Theological Seminary is to provide the best online theological education from Bachelor's level to Doctorate of Divinity for religious vocations using the most qualified faculty, comparable to some of the best-known educational institutions in the United States. North Central Theological Seminary is recognized and authorized as a licensure exempt religious degree granting educational Institution by the State of Minnesota Department of Higher Education, under Minnesota Statute MN § 136A.657. State of Minnesota Department of Higher Education is located at 1450 Energy Drive, Suite 350, St. Paul, Minnesota 55108. 


Must Read: Important Information Before Enrolling:

For first time initial subscribers, national and regional accreditation from a commission or agency recognized by the United States Department of Education is a five-year process from initial application to certification. The majority of online seminaries do not seek, do not intend to seek, and are not preparing their institutions for national or regional accreditation readiness. The North Central Theological Seminary, however, is in the process of preparing. While many of these seminaries provide average to good education for those seeking of a Christian vocation, their choice not to seek governmental recognized accreditation may be due to separation of church and state. The North Central Theological Seminary’s faculty recruitment, record retention, academic curriculum, and financial stability are being managed for national accreditation readiness. Annual tuition fees for nationally or regionally accredited seminaries and Christian universities range from $18,000.00 - $35,000.00. If your intention is to use your degree to pursue a Christian vocation and you simply can’t afford these high tuition rates, the North Central Theological seminary is your best option. We offer subsidized scholarship programs to cover 75% of your tuition, thus taking the burden off your out-of-pocket cost. We offer these subsidized scholarships to help us maintain a healthy annual student average due to our national accreditation preparedness. We advise you to first do your due diligence in searching for the institution most appropriate for you. If, however, you find a seminary that is not currently regionally or nationally accredited and is not planning to do so, or you can’t afford the high tuition at a regionally or nationally accredited institution, then we ask that you enroll here at the North Central Theological Seminary for a no obligation evaluation.


North Central Theological Seminary has over 1540 Enrolled Students, breaking down as follows:60% from the United States, 30% from Europe, and 10% from Africa. Majority of our enrolled students are senior pastors seeking their Masters or Doctorate; M.Th., D.min, ThD.


Mission: The mission of North Central Theological Seminary is to provide Christian Theological education to all interested in saving lost souls in Jesus' name; by giving them a reason not to deviate from following the path of Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, and to join the Saved in seeking God's wisdom in contributing to the society, fulfilling their self-actualization, while also turning their eyes toward themselves, and to find in themselves, not only occasion to give for the advancement of God's kingdom, and to lifting the poor, but the compulsion to see their gifts as expression of love to God and humanity, in fulfillment of the commandment of our Lord, Jesus Christ; to love one another.


North Central Theological Seminary helps Christians
take their  Business or Ministry Startup Dream
from an Idea to reality within 90 - 180 days


The purpose of King Solomon Christian Entrepreneurial Project is to help Christians start their own businesses or ministries successfully. King Solomon Entrepreneurial Project offers three-to-six-month business or ministry startup assistance designed to help Christians take their business or ministry ideas from conception to reality with minimum out-of-pocket expenditure or investment, opting instead for maximum sweat equity. To qualify for this program, in addition to having a business or ministry idea, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:


National and World Outreach

News? North Central Theological Seminary’s MPBS24/7 Broadcasts Christian News fearlessly, impartially, and with probity. North Central Theological Seminary’s MPBS24/7 is one of the largest Christian Online news streaming agencies in the world. 


Prayer Warriors? North Central Theological Seminary sponsors the Invincible Angels’ Network. From 1 to 1 million strong and growing, Invincible Angels are Christians incapable of being overcome or defeated by Satan; Satan sees them as the unconquerables. For those Invincible Angels around the world and in rural areas who do not have direct access to computers, prayer requests are printed and distributed to them through intermediaries. Request a prayer for you or your loved ones today.



Job Placement

We help you with job placement and partner with you for career success through continued self development until you retire. All at no charge.

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Entrepreneurial Development
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