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Pre-Marital & Marriage Uplifting

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An MBD Based Christian Counseling.

North Central Theological Seminary

North Central Theological Seminary is a non-denominational Seminary of Higher Learning in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The mission of North Central Theological Seminary is to provide the best online theological education from Bachelor’s level to Doctorate of Divinity for religious vocations using the most qualified faculty, comparable to some of the best-known educational institutions Read more

Faculty Members

Dr. Isaac Ozobiani, PhD., LCSW. Mental Health Counseling. Areas of interest involve the general area of social influence. Experiences include testing theories that are targeted at improving the human condition by influencing people to change their dysfunctional behavior and attitudes which may involve prejudice and other ... Read more

Rev. Dr. Rodney (Rod) Annis, Ph.D. has degrees in counseling psychology (B.A.), Christian education/church ministries (M.R.E.) and biblical studies (Ph.D.). His dissertation is titled, \"The Biblical Articulation of the Mind and Thinking as Revealed in the Epistle to the Romans.\" He also has graduate studies in counseling (M.S. in ... Read more

Job Placement

We help you with job placement and partner with you for career success through continued self development until you retire. All at no charge.

Nursing Assistant

North Central Theological Seminary Nursing Assistant program with Job Placement Assistance.

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Entrepreneurial Development
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