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About North Central Theological Seminary
Formerly North Central Theological Seminary

You have many choices for an online seminary program, so what makes North Central an outstanding choice? Consider some of these factors.

*Qualified and experienced faculty members who have graduated from regionally accredited universities and seminaries, are accomplished authors, and have firsthand knowledge and experience with a diverse scope of ministries around the world.

*Excellent student services, with full-time faculty and staff available by telephone and live chats during normal business hours, and by email and site messaging any time.

*NCTS cares about student satisfaction. Click to see for yourself!

*Distinguished alumni who are faithfully serving in the kingdom and using their theological education from NCTS.

*Ministry job placement assistance for graduates within the Church of Christ or in faith-based NGO’s.

*Extensive online library resources, fully accessible to all students.

*Extended ministry through counseling and prayer centers, and worldwide Christian news broadcasting.

*A very affordable tuition fee, thanks to the availability of subsidized scholarships.


At North Central, almost all of our students are admitted with a subsidized scholarship to help with tuition costs. The exceptions are those affluent students who are serving as pastors in the United States and who have chosen to forego the subsidized scholarship and pay the full tuition of $14,500.00 for their entire degree program as a gesture of seed-planting to express their support for the seminary’s goal of making biblical education affordable to candidates serving under Christian persecution in nations all over the world.

The seminary’s subsidized scholarship (no student has ever paid our full tuition of $14,500) is to make sure that a shortage of money is not a hindrance to anyone called by God to preach the Gospel from seeking top quality biblical education from bachelor’s to doctoral levels. Students who receive a subsidized scholarship do not have to pay more than $5,500.00 to complete a degree, and some even pay less than $2,000.00.

North Central’s degree program is comprehensive, unlike other online seminaries where you may be allowed to enroll, write a few short assignments, and then move on to the next course. At NCTS, initial enrollment is always non-binding, and is combined with our evaluation process. After completing an evaluation questionnaire, our enrollees take an online evaluation test on general Bible knowledge, which is electronically monitored live. A student must pass this test to be admitted to the seminary. Students who score below 70% for the doctoral or master’s level are rejected admission into the seminary.

Current students are tested at three levels for each course—writing essays ranging from 5 to 12 pages, depending on the degree program, writing a multiple choice test to review course material, and taking and passing an online live test to complete the course requirements before the next course is assigned.

Student from Top Seminary Compares His Experiences with NCTS

Jun 29, 2013

by The Venerable Agbelusi on North Central Theological Seminary

My Evaluation of CTRS

My course In The doctor of theology at NCTS started on a very good note. The website and registration was simple and straight forwards. I commenced my assigned courses and without any hitches was able to complete them without any complications and difficulty.

The courses were all very relevant and the textbooks were carefully chosen to do justice to the subject matter. The testing and grading were fair and reflected the time and effort put into each course. The faculty responded promptly and satisfactorily to all inquiries and were able to meet all my needs and questions especially my course adviser Dr Phillip Jay, who was most helpful and understanding when I needed his attention and guidance. Overall my expectations were met and surpassed. I have previously studied for bachelor of divinity with the university of London, the quality and education at NCTS was better organized and relevant to my ministerial and academic formation.

The Venerable Adeyemi Agbelusi

Student from Other Online Seminary Compares Her Experiences with NCTS
Apr 4, 2012

by A Wood on North Central Theological Seminary

Why I choose to attend NCTS

I have known for a while that God wanted me to study his word, but I kept putting it off. I was apprehensive because I couldn’t afford the tuition to attend a seminary. I already have an outstanding student loan debt close to $50K. I also have 4 children and could not travel outside our home to sit in classrooms. It just didn’t seem feasible from my point of view to attend seminary. About a year ago, I felt an urgency to move forward with studying the word. I tried everything to obey God’s command. I started studying on my own and attended as many bible study classes as humanly possible. Well, a lot of issues arose along the way. The first being it was not God’s will for me to study his word on my terms. The second issue was that most of the bible study teachers needed to be taught themselves. Subsequently, I prayed a very specific prayer. I asked God to lead me to the program he would have me to attend. I also asked God to create the program for me if it didn’t exist and assist with the financial obligations. About 6 months ago I registered for a program. It seemed fine, but I had no supervisory support and had problems when I asked for assistance. Their operating hours were limited and I was not getting anywhere in my studies. I couldn’t even get a refund when I wanted to disembroil. I was still attending, but with a heavy heart. I paid the tuition in full and could not afford to lose my money. About 3 weeks ago, I was online and I came across NCTS website. I checked their accreditation to make sure this was a licensed seminary. I checked the experience of the staff at NCTS and I just thought it was all too good to be true. I prayed again for God’s help and direction. I took it a step further and called the attorney general’s office in Minnesota to confirm their active registered status. Lastly, I called NCTS about 3 times and spoke to Dr. Jay at length. He didn’t try to sell me anything or got impatient or offended at my questions. He listened to me and helped me with choosing an area of study I felt God has called me to in ministry.

Long story short, I applied and got a scholarship after passing the entrance exam. Today, I am happy to be a student at NCTS. God has worked it out for me. He will also work it out for you and everyone who wants to attend a seminary to get a quality education. At NCTS, you won’t have to mortgage your education, travel for hours or spend hundreds on text books. You will have the support you need to get through a challenging and rewarding program. The choice is yours! God Bless you all at NCTS.

Complaints about NCTS:

Naturally, the seminary has received a few criticisms about our degree programs. Most of these center on the broad knowledge that the seminary requires the student to acquire before moving on to the next course. However, for the first time in seven years, we did receive a complaint that challenged our professors’ method of grading. We have included the student’s complaint and our response below.

From: Fasil
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 10:14 PM
To: PhilipJ@NCTS.org
Subject: NCTS Student Message – Expressing my feeling regarding courses

Dear professor,
My name is Fasil, Priest. I am a master of Theology student majoring in CHRISTIAN COUNSELING, at your respected seminary : North Central Theological Seminary . I also feel so proud for being a student at this seminary. So far I have taken three courses. I want to thank the quality of the Seminary online Library books, the online platform and the prompt help I always get whenever I need it .
My plan is to complete my Master education first and pursue my Ph.D. So far I have taken two courses : New Testament and Old Testament . Currently I am taking Hermeneutics. I have submitted the requested Essay and Multiple Choice questions.

I received the graded report for the multiple choice question I submitted.
The grade I was given was 85. I admit that I missed to write my name on the cover page. But I found it really discouraging to lose 15 points for not writing name and my information.

AS I have tried to mention it above, my plan is to pursue my terminal degree in theology in your seminary. to that end, I am trying to complete my MA study as quick as possible. But the time taken to correct my assignments and release grade is a bit long. I can mention the whole courses as a testimony. To be frank again, I am not happy with the grading system and the time taken to correct and submit results.
Thanks for letting me vent my dissatisfaction. I hope you will take my feedback as an input to improve the system.
Thank you in advance for all your patience and cooperation
Fasil, Priest

Seminary Response

—–Original Message—–
From: Dr. Philip J
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2015 8:57 AM
To: ‘Fasil’
Subject: RE: NCTS Student Message – Expressing my feeling regarding courses

I understand your concern. Please understand our situation. Online study is very sensitive. We are not there to look over your shoulder like we would for our students on campus. For this reason, the overall presentation of your paper is taken into consideration to judge your commitment to your studies. Sending your paper in the format we recommended is a part of the course. We made this clear at the beginning of your studies. Not complying with our rules for submitting papers says to us that you are not careful about our instructions, which may not be your intention. You are a priest, suppose you inform one of your church members to write the Lord’s Prayers on a piece of paper in ‘CAPITAL LETTERS,’ and to submit it to you for review.  But the member submits it to you in lower case letters. How would you grade this paper?  We have more than 1600 students all over the world, and one reason why we provide quality education is the fact that our professors take the time to review papers submitted by students. Sometime this process takes time. You are one of our very good students, please be patient with our grading time.  90% of our grading is done within 24 hours, but if a professor is swamped, this may take up to 3 days.

Blessings to you,
Dr. Philip J

North Central Theological Seminary is a non-denominational accredited Seminary of Higher Learning in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The mission of North Central Theological Seminary is to provide the best online theological education from Bachelor’s level to Doctorate of Divinity for religious vocations using the most qualified faculty, comparable to some of the best-known educational institutions in the United States. North Central Theological Seminary is recognized and authorized as a licensure exempt religious degree granting educational Institution by the State of Minnesota Department of Higher Education, under Minnesota Statute MN § 136A.657. State of Minnesota Department of Higher Education is located at 1450 Energy Drive, Suite 350, St. Paul, Minnesota 55108.

Must Read: Important Information Before Enrolling:

In the educational world today, an institution’s regional accreditation is not always a requirement, especially for educating men and women to effectively serve in ministry-related vocations or professions. Many Christian pastors, teachers, professors, and counselors have been educated at Bible colleges and seminaries which do not have regional accreditation. Among the reasons for this decision are the major financial savings for tuition, and a concern about the separation of church and state.

At North Central Theological Seminary, we have numerous students and graduates who have come to us for their post-graduate studies from major, fully accredited seminaries, colleges, and universities, including Liberty University, Reagent University and Fuller. Why? Because they were confident that they would be receiving a high quality, Bible-based, theological education from us, and they were not disappointed.

As we look ahead to the future, North Central Theological Seminary is in the process of preparing to apply for regional accreditation from an agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education—a process that can take 5 years or more. Why are we seeking this status? To meet the United States Department of Homeland Security’s criteria for bringing students from around the world to the United States for on-site pastoral and biblical training. We are dedicated to training men and women from around the world who are committed to carrying out Gospel ministry in places of severe opposition and persecution.

North Central Theological Seminary has over 1540 Enrolled Students, breaking down as follows:60% from the United States, 30% from Europe, and 10% from Africa. Majority of our enrolled students are senior pastors seeking their Masters or Doctorate; M.Th., D.min, ThD.

Mission: The mission of North Central Theological Seminary is to provide Christian Theological education to all interested in saving lost souls in Jesus’ name; by giving them a reason not to deviate from following the path of Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, and to join the Saved in seeking God’s wisdom in contributing to the society, fulfilling their self-actualization, while also turning their eyes toward themselves, and to find in themselves, not only occasion to give for the advancement of God’s kingdom, and to lifting the poor, but the compulsion to see their gifts as expression of love to God and humanity, in fulfillment of the commandment of our Lord, Jesus Christ; to love one another.

National and World Outreach News: North Central Theological Seminary’s MPBS24/7 Broadcasts Christian News fearlessly, impartially, and with probity. North Central Theological Seminary’s MPBS24/7 is one of the largest Christian Online news streaming agencies in the world.

Prayer Warriors: North Central Theological Seminary sponsors the Invincible Angels’ Network. From 1 to 1 million strong and growing, Invincible Angels are Christians incapable of being overcome or defeated by Satan; Satan sees them as the unconquerables. For those Invincible Angels around the world and in rural areas who do not have direct access to computers, prayer requests are printed and distributed to them through intermediaries. Request a prayer for you or your loved ones today.