Has a D.Min in Spiritual Leadership, an M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, and a Graduate Certificate in Counseling, all from Columbia Biblical Seminary. Along with her husband, she has written and published four books: Communicating Like Christ (2005); What Is A Godly Leader? (2004); Speaking Beautiful English (2005) — a biblically and character-based ESL Curriculum, being used in China; and 52 ABCs of God’s Character– A Practical Prayer Guide For Everyday Life (2011).


Has degrees in counseling psychology (B.A.), Christian education/church ministries (M.R.E.) and biblical studies (Ph.D.). His dissertation is titled, “The Biblical Articulation of the Mind and Thinking as Revealed in the Epistle to the Romans.” He also has graduate studies in counseling (M.S. in Community Counseling, not completed) and pastoral studies (ABD D. Min.). He attended Tennessee Temple University,


Has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration & Accounting (B.A), University of Tulsa. Master of Theology (M.Th Summa cum laude), Northwestern. Evangelist Phil’s Master’s degree thesis is titled, “Why Jesus is the Messiah”. Ph.D (Summa cum laude) Christian Counseling, Northwestern. Doctorate dissertation “An Audit on the Books of World Religions.” He is also the author of soon to be published book designed to revamp.


 has served the Lord throughout the United States in pastoral ministry for 42+ years in urban and rural churches and six denominations. Robert has been active in community: Chamber of Commerce, President/board member; fire departments fire fighter, officer, chief officer, chaplain.


LCSW. Mental Health Counseling. Areas of interest involve the general area of social influence. Experiences include testing theories that are targeted at improving the human condition by influencing people to change their dysfunctional behavior and attitudes which may involve prejudice .


 Graduated with Doctor of Philosophy degree in Educational Administration at Don Mariano Marcos State University. Graduated at Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary with Master of Divinity degree and completedthe academic requirements for .


 has a MA in Christian Ministries from Wheaton Graduate School, serves as a on-line adjunct faculty member for Grand Canyon University and as an Education Program Director for Arizona Department of Education. In this capacity


 has a MA Biblical Counseling. Theology Adviser. Areas of interest involve counseling, discipling, helping others, and enjoying the life he has in Jesus! Experiences include teaching the Bible to children, Bible study to adults, informal and formal discipling of high school and college age students.


 has a Master’s degree (MA) Education, Philippines Christian University. Master’s of Divinity (M.Div) Union Theological Seminaries, Philippines. District Superintendent The United Methodist Church, Philippines June 2010 – May, 2011.


 has a MA Theology, Glasgow University Scotland, United Kingdom 1995. B.A. Ministry, Silliman University, Philippines. B.A. Psychology, Silliman University, Philippines. North Bicol Conference-UCCP CONFERENCE MINISTER 2008-2010.